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Ubuntu Advantage for Ubuntu Server provides management and maintenance, legal assurance and support. It includes the Landscape systems management service and allows for easy patch and package management, system monitoring and automation.


Applications are driving the digital business transformation. But the infrastructure needs to be in support of the application. VMware technology helps organizations to realize a digital platform to serve web scale application delivery. Our approach of the software defined architecture helps organizations –  regardless of size or industry – to combine existing legacy data center virtualization technologies with new cloud native technologies such as OpenStack. Companies can thus continue to run their traditional enterprise applications, as well as build cloud-native applications on the same infrastructure on premise or in the Cloud. IT practitioners and Developers continue using the same tools that they are used to and like, while IT retains control over policy and governance. VMware empowers organizations to utilize the full potential of company data, properly analyze trends and speed up development of new applications to market and help compete in today’s fast moving economy. VMware Integrated OpenStack enables IT departments to deploy and manage a production grade OpenStack quickly and easily on top of their VMware infrastructure, resulting in many benefits including shorter development and deployment time of apps, lower acquisition and provisioning cost of actual hardware.

Nuage Networks

Nuage Networks brings a unique combination of groundbreaking technologies and unmatched networking expertise to the enterprise and telecommunications industries. The Silicon Valley-based business has applied radically new thinking to the problem of delivering massively scalable and highly programmable SDN solutions within and across the datacenter and out to the wide area network with the security and availability required by business-critical environments. Nuage Networks, backed by the rapidly growing IP/Optical Networks business of Nokia, has the pedigree to serve the needs of the world’s biggest clouds. The cloud has made promises — the mission of Nuage Networks is to help you realize them.

Edgecore Networks

Edgecore Networks Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Accton Technology Corporation, the leading network ODM.  Edgecore Networks delivers wired and wireless networking products and solutions through channel partners and system integrators worldwide for the Data Center, Service Provider, Enterprise and SMB customers.  Edgecore Networks is the leader in open networking providing a full line of 1GbE, 10GbE, 25GbE, 40GbE, 50GbE and 100GbE open and OCP switches that offer choice of NOS and SDN software for data center, telecommunications and Enterprise network use cases.  For more information, visit

Cumulus Networks

Cumulus Networks provide a network O/S for bare metal switches.. The benefits are agility because you can now provision networks in a far more flexible manner than with traditional closed networking, and cost, since we leverage bare metal network switches which are always going to cost less than traditional hardware.


StorPool is distributed storage software that allows service providers, enterprises and other Cloud builders to run data storage on standard x86 servers, instead of using expensive and inefficient storage arrays (SAN).


Brocade is a leading vendor of high performance network switches, routers, security, SDN and application delivery controller solutions for enterprise and service providers. Today, Brocade is extending its proven data center expertise across the entire network with open, virtual, and efficient solutions built for consolidation, virtualization, and cloud computing. Brocade has embraced the OpenStack platform to promote multivendor and system-to-system interoperability for cloud networking environments.

Brocade supports OpenStack in three ways:

  • The Brocade data center portfolio delivers the network visibility, extensibility, and adaptability for changing environments offered by OpenStack
  • Brocade is drawing on its data center networking expertise to contribute architectural enhancements to the core OpenStack framework
  • Brocade partners with OpenStack vendors such as RedHat and Mirantis to offer a consumable, supported path to orchestrating the On-Demand Data Center, powered by Brocade

Avi Networks

Avi Networks gives you public-cloud-like flexibility for application services beyond load balancing including analytics, predictive autoscaling, micro-segmentation, and self-service IT in any private or public cloud. Unlike legacy ADCs which are static, and cause overprovisioning and overspending, the Avi Vantage Platform delivers agile, software defined application services that mirrors next generation data center architectures. The Avi Vantage architecture provides a centrally managed, dynamic service fabric on commodity x86 servers, VMs, or containers, to deliver granular services close to individual applications. Fortune 500 technology, media, and financial services companies use Avi Networks to deliver automated application services, enable self-service, and lower TCO.


NexentaStor is a Software-Defined Storage (SDS) platform, allowing thousands of customers all around the world to transform their storage infrastructure, increase flexibility and agility, simplify management and dramatically reduce costs without compromising on availability, reliability or functionality.


MidoNet replaces the default OVS plugin from OpenStack deployments and offers a much more scalable and efficient networking solution for highly virtualized and cloud environments.


Veritas Technologies Corporation will enable organizations to unlock the value of their information, with solutions designed to serve the world’s largest and most complex heterogeneous environments.


Intel® Service Assurance Administrator (Intel® SAA) provides essential software tools for OpenStack* cloud services and infrastructure management. The product enables creation of a software-defined infrastructure with enhanced service level objectives. Intel SAA enables cloud machine instances to be placed only on trust-attested compute nodes with target performance level objectives.


PLUMgrid ONS is a comprehensive software suite that provides terabits of scale out performance, production grade resiliency, and secure multi-tenancy for hybrid datacenters. Built on PLUMgrid Platform and IO Visor(TM) technology, the software suite lets users create private Virtual Domains(TM) to provide isolation, security, and policy enforcement across tenants. The OpenStack Foundation has recently designated PLUMgrid ONS as OpenStack Compatible. More info at