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Fairbanks offers consulting, implementation, optimization, troubleshooting and training services around the OpenStack platform. Fairbanks focuses on OpenStack cloud expertise. With the largest pool of OpenStack engineering expertise on the Dutch market, Fairbanks helps service providers, hosting companies, innovation aware enterprises and top midsize companies build and run robust OpenStack cloud infrastructure, powered by the full force of open source innovation. Fairbanks is headquartered in Amersfoort in the Netherlands.

Fairbanks is the Community Ambassador Netherlands. In this role Fairbanks aims to promote OpenStack in the local market. In addition to this website and Social Media we organizes regular meetings for this purpose at various locations in the Netherlands.

Details Use Case

Confirming the mission statement of the OpenStack Foundation, that OpenStack provides a cloud platform that is useful ‘regardless of size’. 

Cost savings as a business driver in Healthcare

Woonzorg Nederland, a housing cooperative for the Dutch healthcare market. Coping with shrinking budgets, Woonzorg was looking for a way to add flexibility to the desktop and server environment, while on the other hand lowering costs in system management and software licenses. Fairbanks realized a virtual desktop environment based on OpenStack.

Coping with ever expanding need (and costs) for storage

A Dutch engineering company, Witteveen & Bos. Their international projects demand that their digital architectural and technical design documentation is round the clock available from all over the world. It creates a never ending growing demand of storage expansions. Fairbanks realized a cost saving, flexible, high available storage platform based on white label hardware, OpenStack and Ceph.

Avoiding vendor lock-in

One of the largest breeders and propagators in the Chrysanthemum sector, Dekker Chrysanten. As a small but very successful entrepreneur, Dekker Chrysanten, likes to take matters in their own hands. And therefore took the opportunity to avoid vendor lock-in when the organization needed to expand and replace their storage hardware. Fairbanks realized this by building a Ceph based white label storage solution and saved Dekker Chrysanten serious amounts of purchasing and recurring maintenance costs.

Software defined media datacenter

A large international broadcasting and media management corporation at the MediaPark in Hilversum, The Netherlands. This company needs to cut costs of the media handling and broadcasting dramatically in order to stay competitive. Up till now all media handling, enrichment and broadcasting could only be done on highly proprietary video hardware. Furthermore, the software that is developed in house, could never be tested in a representative environment. Fairbanks helped the company realizing a software defined datacenter where proprietary video hardware can be replaced by generic hardware. And software developers can manage representative development and testing environment. This contributes to the competitiveness of the organization by cutting costs in the datacenter and improving quality of the software.”

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