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PLUMgrid provides a secure, virtual network infrastructure for private and public clouds. PLUMgrid was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. More information about PLUMgrid OpenStack Networking Suite, the PLUMgrid Platform, Virtual Domains and IO VisorTM can be found at

PLUMgrid ONS is a product that focuses on customers that develop large OpenStack Clouds for production purposes. It provides a tidy package of functionality for a dynamic, virtual production network. Examples are L2-L3 services, NAT, security profiles and network services such as DHCP / DNS.

PLUMgrid ONS is designed to provide a scalable network infrastructure with many possibilities to build solutions for customers, such as:

  • Platform as a Service makes it through specific use of network topology possible to securely isolate and seperate different parts of an application without the need for changes in the physical network.
  • Cloud Retail provides the ability to easily customize the infrastructure of the network based on supply and demand by quickly launching virtual domains according to the application network template. Moreover, it provides fully scaled and distributed advanced network services such as NAT.
  • Communication as a Service reduces significantly the time needed to introduce new customers by automating the process for the creation of new virtual domains of both PLUMgrid as other virtual network providers.

PLUMgrid ONS is a software suite specifically designed for hybrid data centers that allows them to expand capacity by terabits and flexibility to seperate different tenants securaly based on policies. In addition, the software has self-healing mechanisms and gives users the ability to create private virtual domains. OpenStack Compatibility is assured. More information can be found at: