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VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) rapidly deploys production-grade OpenStack on top of industry-leading VMware technology. VIO leverages your existing VMware investment to simplify installation, upgrade, operations, monitoring, and more.

Applications are driving the digital business transformation. But the infrastructure needs to be in support of the application. VMware technology helps organizations to realize a digital platform to serve web scale application delivery. Our approach of the software defined architecture helps organizations –  regardless of size or industry – to combine existing legacy data center virtualization technologies with new cloud native technologies such as OpenStack. Companies can thus continue to run their traditional enterprise applications, as well as build cloud-native applications on the same infrastructure on premise or in the Cloud. IT practitioners and Developers continue using the same tools that they are used to and like, while IT retains control over policy and governance. VMware empowers organizations to utilize the full potential of company data, properly analyze trends and speed up development of new applications to market and help compete in today’s fast moving economy. VMware Integrated OpenStack enables IT departments to deploy and manage a production grade OpenStack quickly and easily on top of their VMware infrastructure, resulting in many benefits including shorter development and deployment time of apps, lower acquisition and provisioning cost of actual hardware.