OpenStack Conference Benelux 2014

OpenStack Conference Benelux 2014


The OpenStack Conference Benelux 2014 is a one-day conference for developers, users and administrators of OpenStack Cloud Software.

The Conference:

Fairbanks NV and Dupaco, as Founding Partners, will organise the first official OpenStack Conference Benelux Edition on Friday September 19th 2014. At this event  decision makers, developers, administrators and users of OpenStack Cloud Software can let themselves be informed on the latest developments and practical implementation of OpenStack Cloud Software. OpenStack is the world’s largest and fastest growing open source project with the purpose of supplying every organisation, independent of environment, size, budget, hardware platform and current management tooling, to build a very own public or private cloud.

During the information market at the conference, sponsors and vendors from the Benelux OpenStack community can share knowledge, experience and propositions with the attendees. The information market offers all exhibitors excellent possibilities to network and identify possible chances. Sponsors have, on top of that, the possibility to present experiences and expertise on OpenStack during a plenary session and/or break out session.  Naturally, we will ensure that the latest developments, such as the release of the OpenStack IceHouse and the important agenda points of the Global Summits in 2014, will be enlightened. With success stories from clients, vision on future developments and interesting keynote presentations, the OpenStack Conference is the designated event to present yourself in the Benelux in this prospective growth segment.


The Schedule:

The OpenStack Conference Benelux 2014 agenda is now live and we have some amazing content planned for Bussum, including case studies, technical talks and workshops. Whether you are just getting started and want to learn more about OpenStack, or are an advanced user, there's something in it for you.

During this event you will be introduced to the platform OpenStack. By means of different complementary presentations (breakout sessions) on that day, you will be enlightened with the possibilities that OpenStack encompasses.

The Founding Partners will open the morning, after you will get acquainted with the OpenStack Foundation during the plenary sessions. In the breakout sessions the sponsors will tell more about their views on the developments of OpenStack, the multiple possibilities this cloud platform can offer and technical insights of OpenStack. 


The Registration:

If you want to attend this event, please go to  

The Date

OpenStack Benelux 2014: September 19th


The Location

't Spant, Bussum

Doctor Abraham Kuyperlaan 3

1402 SB Bussum



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